Monday, February 17, 2014

Thank you to our many Indiegogo campaign contributors!


On behalf of Cultural Canvas Thailand I would like to thank the following people for their generous contributions to our recent Indiegogo campaign:

Kirsty Gray, Alezandra Russell, Alison Rodgers, Deirdre McAdams, Keith Lovett, Brian Pitz, Caroline Silber, Camila Picchio, Anne Katrine Harris, Madison Brill, and Maria Lovett.

This campaign was highly successful and we were able to raise $1520.00 for the Stretching Canvas Initiative that aims to expand our current programing model to Phuket, Thailand in 2014. Thus far we have initiated dialogue with four potential partners in Phuket including two child-care facilities, a marine conservation organization, and a Buddhist monastery. Please follow this link for more information on our Phuket programs.

At the present moment, CCT is also planning an exploratory visit to Phuket during which CCT staff will meet with more potential partners and pilot 2-3 Art Relief International workshops. We are so excited about Cultural Canvas Thailand, Phuket and the possibility of providing even more under recognized and underserved individuals with much-needed volunteer support and access to creative materials through which they can find alternative ways to express their needs and aspirations.

Please stay tuned to our blog, website, and Facebook page for ongoing updates on our progress and please know that our continued growth simply would not be possible without your encouragement and support.


Alexandra Perkinson
Funding and Outreach Coordinator, Cultural Canvas Thailand  

Launch of Cultural Canvas Thailand Volunteer Blog

Cultural Canvas Thailand is excited to launch the Cultural Canvas Thailand Volunteer Blog. The Art Relief International Blog has been such an amazing resource and record of the work of the Art Relief International volunteers since 2010 we thought it only appropriate to provide a space for our Cultural Canvas volunteers and staff to share their experiences as well. Please stay tuned for regular updates and to learn more about Cultural Canvas volunteer placements and partner organizations. You can also always check out our website,, or Cultural Canvas Thailand Facebook page! You'll be hearing from us soon...

- The CCT/ARI Family