Tuesday, August 8, 2017

CCT Volunteer Anna Osborn Last Blog Post (FORRU)

One more day of working for Forest Restoration Research Unit and on Saturday I will be departing Chiang Mai. To say these past 10 weeks were fast would be an understatement. It feels like just yesterday I was starting my first day here at FORRU attending an educational event for American college students on the importance of forest restoration. Now, I’m getting ready to give my final presentation on my time spent here the past 7 weeks. Time flew by!! I’m very grateful for my time spent working for this amazing team and organization. As I am preparing my presentation, I am looking back at all the time spent with FORRU and how fortunate I am to have an eventful and unique job this summer. My days with FORRU were spent either in the office doing a variety of tasks, in the field doing laborious jobs and directly working to restore the forests, or attending events to education people of different age groups on the importance of forest restoration. 

I’ve definitely increased my knowledge in the world of environmental sustainability this summer!
My final days working for FORRU were spent finishing up the individual tasks I was assigned, which was working with a professor on her specific project and updating the website, and also traveling to Tham Pha Thai National Park (again) to follow up from our tree planting day a few weeks ago. On Tuesday night we traveled to Tham Pha Thai where we slept over, again, in a log cabin to prepare for our all day event on Wednesday. Although my room in the cabin was crawling with spiders, Common House Geckos, and many ants, it still turned out to be a cool experience. On Wednesday morning we woke up and traveled to the planting site (again, it was an adventurous ride). When we arrived at the plot, we were divided into teams of two. Each team had the task of measuring 500 trees that day. We were provided with a measuring stick and a caliper and had to record the height, thickness of the base of the tree, length of the trees crown, and record how healthy the tree looks to be. This was a very tedious task, but I also recognize how important it is. We do this to record the tree growth and see how much it has changed over time. This also made me realize how much background work is put into planting thousands of trees in the forest.

My last day interning for FORRU will be spent at the Chiang Mai University Nature Center attending an event on forest restoration. I will be sitting in informational sessions and also selling FORRU merchandise. Although I am looking forward to getting back to Michigan and heading back to Michigan State University for my senior year, I can’t help but be nostalgia for my time spent working for FORRU and living in Chiang Mai. It was an amazing experience and I am so thankful I was able to work here this summer. Not only did it enhance my knowledge of forest restoration, but I was able to see so much of Thailand and meet really great people along the way. I was able to visit many cool places that I otherwise would not have known existed if it wasn’t for working with FORRU. I also really appreciate that I was able to gain so much hands on experience, rather than just sitting in an office all day. Finally, FORRU provided me with awesome co-workers, which I have covered in my past blog posts. I am sad my summer in Thailand has come to an end but grateful for the experience and have memories that will last a lifetime!

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