Thursday, August 3, 2017

CCT Volunteer Mark Cotter 2nd Blog Post (Art Relief International)

These past 3 weeks have seen me explore more of Thailand! A small one-day trip took me to a small farm outside of Chiang Mai. There, we spent a whole day learning how to cook Thai food. The experience was lovely and the food, delicious.

In Phuket, I was Poseidon and conquered the sea, i.e. getting wiped out by a 10-foot wave. In Bangkok, the “Bangkok or Bust” group toured the city and saw the beautiful Grand Palace.

My mom and brother also came to visit for my birthday! It was wonderful to have a piece of home and my lovely family with me in Chiang Mai. They even came to one of ARI’s workshops! The workshops have been lovely, and we got to visit a school we have not been to in a while. There, I took the MOST epic selfie of all time

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